Hello, World!

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Welcome to the world, Marshall!

I had the opportunity to have this sweet little bub in the studio just before Christmas! He was so snuggly, warm and SLEEPY. LOVE IT! He only woke up about half hour before we were done so I got to snap a few photos of those beautiful blue peepers. 

I love newborn photography, it gives me time to slow my pace down, spend a lot of time with the parents and their precious babies and get the shot I want. There is nothing better than watching a baby sleep!


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New Dress Shop

I live in a quiet, sleepy town in the Midwest. People know you, they know your family. It feels safe and warm. Business owners are the local historians because they have either owned or been part of their business since they were young.

And then you have people who come in and shake things up a bit, who bring to the table a breath of fresh air. Or a challenge to established businesses. That would definitely have to be Mara. A new dress shop that opened up on Thanksgiving weekend. The owner, Tiffany sat down with me just as the project was being launched and she told me her hopes and dreams for Mara. And I loved every second of it. To help build an experience for brides, family members, mother of the brides, bridesmaids, girls getting ready for prom, and even little girls looking at the beautiful sparkly dresses.

This is an experience more than just a store. It's a dream becoming a reality rather than just a dress. Tiffany has cultivated an experience from the moment you pull up to this converted two-story house to the beautiful gown greeting you in the window. You open the doors and are welcomed with friendly smiles and a warm, classy atmosphere. This woman works in the details, as everything has been converted to match the vision she has for Mara. Their dress fitters are knowledgeable and friendly and will work to make this experience the best it can be.

And the bridal dress room might be my favorite place in the entire town. The light casts down on the beautiful lace and tulle, and it is breath-taking. Imagining being a soon-to-be-bride and walking in this room knowing that "the one" might lie in this room gives it alost a gift like appearance.

If you haven't had a chance to check out Mara, please do!

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Brock + Miranda

It was a chance meeting - meeting with Brock and Miranda, I heard through a mutual friend they were looking for a photograph, and that same afternoon, we met in person and I got to know them. They are truly an amazing couple, and they really, truly love each other. They've been together for a longer time than most people have been married and they have every detail planned for their big deal.

When we met to do their engagement photos, our trusty translator Michelle laughed and said she loved Brock's laugh because she could hear him from across the Bridge! Miranda was so funny, we were trying to get her to get into some PDA and she was having NONE. OF. IT. But she was a great sport and had fun anyway. ;)

At one point in the session I wanted to get a bit more candid and I had them sign to each other, Michelle was next to me translating as I was snapping away, and the way Brock love Miranda is so beautiful, and she loves him equally. It brought tears to my eyes with how beautiful these two souls are.

I am so excited to celebrate their love and capture their moments on the big day!

You guys are awesome!


Wiltse Family

I first talked to Renata a few months ago, when she said she would be in Iowa in late November, I was at first concerned about the weather - because Iowa is unpredictable, we could have ten feet of snow or a beautiful balmy day!

It ended up being the PERFECT day, with PERFECT light, and the most PERFECT family. haha

It was a lot of fun to hang out with you guys and I am so glad I had the pleasure of meeting you! :)

Muehlhaus Wedding

Abby & Adam - October 14th, 2017.

I have LOVED working with this couple - Adam was hilarious throughout the day and was a good sport even after the ceremony when he was definitely, 'hangry' ;). Abby is one cool cat. She was a super relaxed bride, she was laughing and having fun all day and not an ounce of nerves for this one just before coming down the aisle. The look of LOVE on her face - oomph! This love story is one for the books! 

I was really worried about how dark and rainy it was outside, but the beaming faces of their friends/family/and THEM made it seem like it wasn't raining at all. I have never seen so many people pack out the Tabernacle. There was people lining the walls because these two ARE LOVED. Everyone who talked about them knows how sweet Abby is, and how awesome Adam is. This is a power-couple, y'all.
We took advantage of some beautiful rain shots outdoors and I just love them!

I am so excited for your adventure to continue, guys.