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Welcome To the about page!

Hi! My name is Stephanie Williams. I currently live in North Iowa, but I am a transplant from Canada!

I have been taking photos on any camera I can get a hold of since before digital (I'm not that old...Promise. ;) ). I have enjoyed taking still-life, candid photos, and portraits. Often times my photos have been used for my other art mediums (painting and drawing is my other love!). I had been stuck in a rut for awhile and a course slid across my desk one day that once I had handed in my last quiz had changed my photography FOREVER. It opened up a lot of doors for me and a lot of knowledge was gained. I have loved photography for a while, but getting the know-how really solidified my love for this art form.

My passion for family photography definitely developed quickly after my kids were born. I felt so awkward going to studio's and having super lit photos taken only to show awkwardly posed parents and not happy kids. My approach is to get you comfortable and try to shoot your photos in that space. I LOVE kids, and especially all their shenanigans. Trust me, if you are worried about your kids acting up, don't. stress. it. You being stressed will make them stress. Let loose, have fun, and let me capture some precious moments!

Okay. Okay. I could spend another ten pages talking about how I want to take pictures. But that's not what this page is about! I am currently serving North Iowa, but could definitely be persuaded to travel. I get a lot of enjoyment out of taking photos and I usually jump at the chance to travel ;).

If you would like to partner with me, I'd love to partner with you!