Photography, Engagement

Brock + Miranda

It was a chance meeting - meeting with Brock and Miranda, I heard through a mutual friend they were looking for a photograph, and that same afternoon, we met in person and I got to know them. They are truly an amazing couple, and they really, truly love each other. They've been together for a longer time than most people have been married and they have every detail planned for their big deal.

When we met to do their engagement photos, our trusty translator Michelle laughed and said she loved Brock's laugh because she could hear him from across the Bridge! Miranda was so funny, we were trying to get her to get into some PDA and she was having NONE. OF. IT. But she was a great sport and had fun anyway. ;)

At one point in the session I wanted to get a bit more candid and I had them sign to each other, Michelle was next to me translating as I was snapping away, and the way Brock love Miranda is so beautiful, and she loves him equally. It brought tears to my eyes with how beautiful these two souls are.

I am so excited to celebrate their love and capture their moments on the big day!

You guys are awesome!