Hello, World!

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Welcome to the world, Marshall!

I had the opportunity to have this sweet little bub in the studio just before Christmas! He was so snuggly, warm and SLEEPY. LOVE IT! He only woke up about half hour before we were done so I got to snap a few photos of those beautiful blue peepers. 

I love newborn photography, it gives me time to slow my pace down, spend a lot of time with the parents and their precious babies and get the shot I want. There is nothing better than watching a baby sleep!


Photography, Children


There is nothing sweeter than a newborn. But when they are tiny-tiny premies, ouphf! Just gets you right in the heart. Everything is EXTRA tiny, and EXTRA sweet. 

I had the privilege of doing Miss Lillyan first newborn photos. She's an absolute doll. I arrived and she was wide-eyed and ready for action! This cutie was moving the entire time, mom and grandma worked hard to keep her content and happy while I took the photos. We only managed a few sleeping photos, and they were worth it!

This little girl is going to grow up in a family of love and MUSIC. My favorite thing to do as a parent is to dream for my kids when they are little - what will they accomplish in life? I dream BIG. The sky is the limit and they are a blank canvas. I've started doing the same thing with my tiny clients - what will happen in their lives? Their awesome parents are working hard to make their lives the best they can, so the sky is the limit - will she be a famous singer? Composer? Musician? 

Limitless. That's what is ahead of them. Limitless opportunities.