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Toby || Senior 2019

Well, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted on this blog. It’s been a crazy busy summer and I am so absolutely thankful for my business and all the clients turned friends I have been able to meet! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Anyway! I’m just glad to be sharing this space with you all again!

It’s been a crazy busy fall, I’ve had a lot of senior shoots, but the next few are pretty near to my heart.

Like this dude - I met him in 2015, he was a spire young fella. A little reserved but when you get him to open up, he is hilarious and has THE BEST laugh. It’s absolute insanity that this dude is going to graduate this year.

I absolutely love pouring into teens (it’s my side hustle, yo), and watching them grow and merge into this adult forms of themselves. It’s not a total change from when they were young, but it’s a deepening of their personalities and a blooming of the snippet’s you can occasionally see. This guy is no exception. I’m excited to see what the future holds for him!

Here’s to you, Toby!

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Let me tell you about Alaura and her little family. We met almost two years ago, it's hard to believe that that much time has passed and that they are getting ready to move to a new town!

When Alaura asked if I would be willing to do their maternity photos for their second little boy I was ELATED. I absolutely LOVE glowing momma's and their bellies! Pregnancy can be ROUGH, but there are so many wonderful things about being pregnant and that belly hanging around for nine months. ;)

The Waid family are incredibly hard workers - Brian recently accepted a new position in a place an hour away and Alaura continues to work and study so she can be a teacher one day. Oliver is probably the smartest little boy that ever did live. He is SO sharp! And definitely knows what's going on and where! He was so funny to work with. Brian and Alaura have been through so much in the last few years and their love and determination to build each other up is inspiring!

We wish the best for you guys on your new adventure! New house, town, jobs, and a new baby! 

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There is nothing sweeter than a newborn. But when they are tiny-tiny premies, ouphf! Just gets you right in the heart. Everything is EXTRA tiny, and EXTRA sweet. 

I had the privilege of doing Miss Lillyan first newborn photos. She's an absolute doll. I arrived and she was wide-eyed and ready for action! This cutie was moving the entire time, mom and grandma worked hard to keep her content and happy while I took the photos. We only managed a few sleeping photos, and they were worth it!

This little girl is going to grow up in a family of love and MUSIC. My favorite thing to do as a parent is to dream for my kids when they are little - what will they accomplish in life? I dream BIG. The sky is the limit and they are a blank canvas. I've started doing the same thing with my tiny clients - what will happen in their lives? Their awesome parents are working hard to make their lives the best they can, so the sky is the limit - will she be a famous singer? Composer? Musician? 

Limitless. That's what is ahead of them. Limitless opportunities.