Maddie + Reed + Peach

Maddie and Reed-2.jpg

Phew. Finishing up the last few sessions from 2017 and working on 2018 sessions. It's been totally awesome to not slow down yet, but I might schedule some much needed time off the beginning of February. Haha.

This was one of my last sessions of 2017, just before Christmas. And it's all kinds of special to me. First off, it's my sister-in-law, and I love her because she's absolutely amazing, talented, funny and caring. And then my brother-in-law who is like another brother (6 isn't too many, is it?), dude can make me laugh. And our nerd conversations can go for HOURS. Then their precious fur-baby Peach. She's a wild one, and because it was SO cold, she was having none of it! But we still managed to get her to look a few times.

Seriously. Love this family and love all that they have going on in their futures. The sky is the limit!